• Rod Benson Game Calls

    Friction Calls

    Use the same calls that the pros are using to draw-in their prey.

    • Game Calls

      Pulse Rate

      Thrill Chaser Series Box Call

    • Game Calls

      Cherry Poppin Slate

      Single Cherry Pot Slate

    • Game Calls

      Black Barker

      Walnut Box Call, Raspy

    • Game Calls

      Poplar Cherry

      Great Cutting Box Call

    • Game Calls

      Snapen Cracken Combo

      2 Sided Pot Call

  • Rod Benson Game Calls

    Locator Calls

    Use the same calls that the pros are using to draw-in their prey.

    • Game Calls

      Owl Hooter

      High Pitched

    • Game Calls

      Crow Call

      Loud and Raspy, Great Range

    • Game Calls

      Screamin Peacock

      Loud for Locating

  • Rod Benson Game Calls

    Deer Calls

    Use the same calls that the pros are using to draw-in their prey.

    • Game Calls

      Wood Deer Call

      12 Different Vocalizations

    • Game Calls

      Plastic Deer Call

      12 Different Vocalizations

    • Game Calls

      Soft Touch Deer Call

      Soft Rubber

  • Rod Benson Game Calls

    Miscellaneous Calls

    Use the same calls that the pros are using to draw-in their prey.

    • Game Calls

      Predator Call

      Rabbit In Distress

  • Thrill Chasers

    • Mike PerrinMike Perrin

      Mike Perrin


    • John GravesJohn Graves

      John Graves


    • Greg NelsonGreg Nelson

      Greg Nelson


    • Jamey MontagueJamey Montague

      Jamey Montague


    • James Billy BoiceJames Billy Boice

      James "Billy" Boice


    • Nick PerrinNick Perrin

      Nick Perrin


    • Danny WoodsDanny Woods

      Danny Woods


    • Scott & Gina WisemanScott & Gina Wiseman

      Scott & Gina Wiseman


    • Ryan CarlsonRyan Carlson

      Ryan Carlson


    • Jordan GleasonJordan Gleason

      Jordan Gleason


    • Danny WoodsChris Weaver

      Chris Weaver


    • Nick ZatalokinNick Zatalokin

      Nick Zatalokin


    • Kirk GrahamKirk Graham

      Kirk Graham


    • Ike GrahamIke Graham

      Ike Graham


    • Jerry FairchildJerry Fairchild

      Jerry Fairchild


    • Jon BruursemaJon Bruursema

      Jon Bruursema


    • Jon HolstegeJon Holstege

      Jon Holstege


  • own the dvds

    • Talkin' Dirty Turkey DVD

      Talkin' Dirty 3

      Get up close and personal with the gobblers of the Spring 2017 turkey season. Join Mike, John, Ted, and others on some of the most exciting Michigan turkey hunts you'll ever see. From archery to shotgun, these moments are sure to get your blood pumping.

      Own the DVD for $10

    • Thrill Chasers DVD

      Chasin' the Thrill Volume 4

      This fall was absolutely amazing. It had its ups and downs but ended up being a great year. Join us as we chase the elusive whitetail from Michigan to Ohio. No big money guides, no high dollar ranches. Just hard work and dedication! Thanks for watching a Thrill Chasers production.

      Own the DVD for $10

    • Talkin' Dirty 2

      Talkin' Dirty 2

      The 2015 spring turkey season was one to remember. The Thrill Chasers crew laid down some great footage and shot some big Longbeards. Watch as Mike Perrin attempts to sweet talk high pressured gobblers in to under 10 yards. If you love up close in your face hunting you'll love this one!

      Own the DVD for $10

    • Chasin' The Thrill Volume 3

      Chasin' The Thrill Volume 3

      2014 was an Amazing year for all the Thrill Chasers Crew. Join us as we try to quench our big game thirst. It's DIY all the time for the Thrill Chasers! Thanks for joining us! This is not a Music Video... If you love huntin' this is the DVD for you!

      Own the DVD for $10

    • Talkin' Dirty

      Talkin' Dirty

      This year's Turkey season was a tough one. Parts of Michigan endured a major winter kill. The Thrill Chaser crew was determined to make it happen and they did. Follow along as Mike Perrin shares some of his secrets in harvesting Michigan's High Pressured Gobblers.

      Own the DVD for $10

    • Chasin' The Thrill Volume 2

      Chasin' The Thrill Volume 2

      We start in April Chasin' Spring Gobblers. Then it's off to Alaska where Mike Perrin and Greg Nelson chase Berran Ground Caribou and Alaska/Yukon Moose. We finish up in the Midwest Chasin' Whitetails. Over 90 minutes of Thrill Chasin' excitement!

      Own the DVD for $10

    • Chasin' The Thrill Volume 1

      Chasin' The Thrill Volume 1

      Tips and Tactics you can count on. Follow Mike Perrin and friends as they chase the elusive spring gobler. Mike will also share tips and tactics on how to become a more effective turkey hunter. Over 90 minutes of fun, excitement and entertainment.

      Own the DVD for $10

    See our intros before you buy

    Talkin' Dirty 3 Preview

    Chasin' the Thrill 4 Preview

    Talkin' Dirty 2 Preview

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    Episode 9

    Hunter Perrin | James Boice | Mike Perrin | Rod Burgett | Jamey Montague | Chasing Michigan Gobblers

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    Episode 7

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